Welcome to Key to the genera of Doryctinae of the world

The site is newborn and mainly under construction for the moment. Please apologize for that.

This site is created to offer a platform for taxonomists working on this group. We would like to share infos about taxonomy, biology, (and other) of the genera of the Doryctinae of the world. Discussions about characters used, placement of taxa, ... will be also welcome. And last but not least, a character project will allow the cooperative works among specialists of this subfamily. As a result, an interactive key will be also produced and made available as soon as possible.

The taxonomy follows mainly Yu et al. 2012 (see also the website "Home of Ichneumonoidea") in addition of the more recent publications.

The identification of the subfamily Doryctinae could be done, among other, using the "On-Line Illustrated Key to all Subfamilies of Braconidae".

Odontodoryctes xanthocephalus Granger, 1949 (4)

Creator: MNHN / Touret-Alby Agnièle Creative Commons Licence

Asiaontsira (6)

Creator: Belokobylskij Creative Commons Licence

Termitospathius sumatranus (3)

Creator: Belokobylskij & Zaldivar-Riveron Creative Commons Licence

Leptodoryctes sp. (ID by J. Nunes)

Creator: A. Zaldivar-Riveron Creative Commons Licence
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